Nouvelle Collection 2024

New Collection 2024

Fourteenth collection for the Laure de Sagazan house, which this year comes to explore the territory of the free woman , the woman muse who comes to question the artist , in the manner of a Lou Andreas Salomé or a Camille Claudel .

The scene is thus set, in an artist's studio from the beginning of the century whose poetic patina makes the walls speak.
And there she is , this multifaceted woman, illuminating the artist's gaze with her versatility .

This woman with a thousand faces destabilizes by her freedom , sometimes sixties in vinyl , sometimes untouchable vestal , then incandescent in a dress of a thousand sequins . She is a mischievous Parisian titi in a little angora jacket and a fascinator screwed on her head, then she is fatal , in a stunning bare back .

The materials are more noble than ever, the cuts handle minimalism and delicate sophistication .
A 2024 collection which explores ever more territories, in a boldness never without elegance .

Collection 2024 produced in Paris in the house's workshops, and available in the Parisian showroom and Laure de Sagazan points of sale.
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