Le label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

The Living Heritage Company label

EPV, 3 powerful letters which could not better define the excellence of tailor-made wedding dresses, entirely made in our workshop in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Businessbecause only collective momentum and a well-established organization make it possible to offer personalized wedding dresses, unique in essence, to the four corners of the world.

Heritagebecause the designer-seamstresses who take the stairs leading to the workshop, upstairs, write a new page in the history of Parisian couture every day.

Alivebecause future brides constantly invite the designer and model makers to question practices, to innovate, to be more daring to get ever closer to their aspirations.

Barely through the doors of the showroom,THE experts from the National Institute of Craftshave understood this well: behind the hum of the machines, perceptible from the fitting rooms, the dresses come to life in the hands of the designers, and nowhere else.

With the sincerity and sense of commitment that characterize her, Laure de Sagazan made a succession of choices that were common sense for her: drawing talent from the best fashion schools, here in France, and offering them a career path complete learning at home. Listen and observe, sometimes undo and start again.

Then choose materials that meet your requirements, in terms of style and quality... very often lace itself from EPV-certified workshops, located in the Calais-Caudry basin.

And finally, surround yourself with the best pleaters, embroiderers, and take to heart this notion of transmitting aexcellent know-how, to be preserved at all costs.

This label is not the finish line of a frantic race for performance, but rather a movement that makesthe wedding dress a valuable object.

Far from arrogantly brandishing the standard of made in France, Laure de Sagazan breathes a wind of joy and enthusiasm into the wedding landscape, which tells us that with patient and passionate work, anything is possible!