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Les accessoires de la mariée par Laure de Sagazan

Les accessoires de la mariée par Laure de Sagazan

Comment parfaire une silhouette d’accessoires, sans voler la vedette de la robe d'un jour..?

Nous vous donnons ici quelques clés, grâce à des accessoires sélectionnés avec soin par Laure...



Nouvelle Collection 2024

New Collection 2024

Fourteenth collection for the Laure de Sagazan house, which this year comes to explore the territory of the free woman, the woman muse who comes to question the artist , in the manner of a Lou Andreas Salomé or a Camille Claudel .

The scene is thus set, in an artist's studio from the beginning of the century whose poetic patina makes the walls speak. And there she is, this multifaceted woman, illuminating the artist's gaze with her versatility .

This woman with a thousand faces destabilizes by her freedom , sometimes sixties in vinyl , sometimes untouchable vestal , then incandescent in a dress of a thousand sequins . She is a mischievous Parisian titi in a little angora jacket and a fascinator screwed on her head, then she is fatal , in a stunning bare back.

The materials are more noble than ever, the cuts handle minimalism and delicate sophistication . A 2024 collection which explores ever more territories, in a boldness never without elegance .

Collection 2024 produced in Paris in the house's workshops, and available in the Parisian showroom and Laure de Sagazan points of sale.

La cape : accessoire incontournable de la robe de mariée de 2024

The cape: an essential accessory for the 2024 wedding dress

Veils, hats, crowns, lace tops... and why not a cape ..?!

The cape is the new elegant and trendy piece to enhance your wedding dress.

This piece of character can be available through refined lace (from Calais or Chantilly), or precious materials such as organza or silk tulle.

The lightness of the cape is its greatest asset . A full member of your silhouette, it offers you the possibility of a nice surprise effect when you want to take it off.

Airy and delicate , you might tend to forget it as it is so light .

But now is the time to get rid of it and reveal the dress that she has enhanced throughout the day...

So, will you take the plunge?

Le label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

The Living Heritage Company label

EPV, 3 powerful letters which could not better define the excellence of tailor-made wedding dresses , entirely made in our workshop in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Company because only collective momentum and a well-established organization make it possible to offer personalized wedding dresses , unique in essence, to the four corners of the world.

Heritage because the designer-seamstresses who take the stairs leading to the workshop, upstairs, write a new page in the history of Parisian couture every day.

Alive because future brides constantly invite the designer and model makers to question practices , to innovate , to redouble their daring to get ever closer to their aspirations.

As soon as they enter the showroom doors, the experts from the Institut National des Métiers d'Art have understood this well: behind the hum of the machines, perceptible from the fitting rooms, the dresses come to life in the hands of the designers, and nowhere else .

With the sincerity and sense of commitment that characterize her, Laure de Sagazan made a succession of choices that were common sense for her: drawing talent from the best fashion schools , here in France , and offering them a career path complete learning at home. Listen and observe, sometimes undo and start again .

Then choose materials that meet your requirements , in terms of style and quality ... very often lace itself from EPV-certified workshops , located in the Calais-Caudry basin .

And finally, surround yourself with the best pleaters and embroiderers , and have at heart this notion of transmitting excellent know-how , to be preserved at all costs.

This label is not the finish line of a frantic race for performance, but rather a movement that makes the wedding dress an object of value .

Far from arrogantly brandishing the made in France standard , Laure de Sagazan breathes a wind of joy and enthusiasm into the wedding landscape , which tells us that with patient and passionate work, anything is possible!


Accessoires : la touche ultime !

Accessories: the ultimate touch!

Veils adorned with Calais lace ... freshwater pearl jewelry... headpieces created from the same delicate fabrics as our dresses...

Every detail counts ... This is why we offer accessories designed to enhance your silhouette.

"This desire was born from the desire to push the looks imagined with our dresses to the end, right down to the accessories. The silhouette is more accomplished, the style stronger because these jewels were imagined to create a real echo with our wedding dresses. bride." -Laure de Sagazan

The accessory is also the object that extends the trip ... The one that we can bring back to remember these happy moments !