La cape : accessoire incontournable de la robe de mariée de 2024

The cape: an essential accessory for the 2024 wedding dress

Veils, hats, crowns, lace tops… and why not onecape..?!

The Capeis the new pieceelegantAndtendencyto enhance your wedding dress.

This piece ofcharactercan be declined through lacerefined(from Calais or Chantilly), or materialspreciouslike organza or silk tulle.

Therelightnessof the cape is its most beautifulasset. A full member of your silhouette, it offers you the possibility of a beautiful effect ofsurprisewhen you want to remove it.

AerialAnddelicate, you might tend to forget it as it is solight.

But now is the time to leaveto doand ofto unveil the dress she hassublimatedAll day long …

So, will you take the plunge?