Nouvelle Collection 2024

New Collection 2024

Fourteenthcollection for the Laure de Sagazan house, which comes this yearexplorewoman's territoryfree, wifemusewho comes to questionthe artist, in the manner of aLou Andreas Salomeor aCamille Claudel.

The scene is thus set, in an artist's studio from the beginning of the century whose patinapoeticmakes the walls speak. And she isthere, this multifaceted woman, comingilluminateof hisversatilitythe artist's gaze.

This woman of a thousandfacesdestabilized by itsfreedom, sometimessixtiesinvinyl, sometimesvestaluntouchable, thenincandescentin a dress of a thousandsequins. She is a Parisian titimischievousin a little angora jacket and a fascinator screwed on her head, then she isfatal, backlessstunning.

The materials are morenoblesthan ever, the cuts handleminimalismAnddelicate sophistication. A 2024 collection that explores the territories a little more, in aaudacitynever devoid ofelegance.

Collection 2024 produced in Paris in the house's workshops, and available in the Parisian showroom and Laure de Sagazan points of sale.